Robes Make the Jedi

Star Wars

Whether you’re a padawan or a full blown jedi master, you’re going to want to make sure you look good.  So, after choosing what color crystal you want for your lightsaber, but before setting out with your master, you need to figure out which style of jedi robes work for you.  Jedi robes come in many different styles, yet they never go out of fashion.   Ask yourself, when has it ever not been cool to be a jedi?  Jedi robes are the envy of the galaxy, and I’m sure even Vader wished he could still wear them instead of his life support suit.  If you recall, at the end of Return of the Jedi, when Anakin appeared as a ghost he was wearing jedi robes, and everything was as it should be.  Even Luke, who had forsaken the way of the jedi, in The Last Jedi, couldn’t seem to part with his comfortable robes.  Remember when Luke tried to confront Jabba without jedi robes, wearing all black instead?  No one in the palace took him seriously.  Jabba was not intimidated, and poor Luke was unceremoniously dumped into the Rancor pit without a second thought.  Now, if Luke had been wearing master jedi robes, who knows, things could have been different.


Jedi hold many secrets, so it is also quite possible that there’s more to their robes than just ordinary fabric that they’re not telling us.  Obi-wan seemed very comfortable in his jedi robes as he trekked in the sweltering heat of Tatooine’s suns.  Could it be that these robes are made out of some remarkable fabric that cools the wearer?  If you look closely, you will also see that Obi’s robes were very clean, even though he spent years in a sandy environment.  Anakin could have taken a lesson in robe buying from his old master.  Obviously, the sith lord to be didn’t pick out the correct robe to protect him from sand.  Could it also be that jedi robes also act as a conductor for the force, making it easier to manipulate that energy that surrounds and binds us?  Who knows what other powers these robes hold?  The jedi order has kept us in the dark for too long.  There are several questions that need to be answered.

Lastly, as a jedi master, you should be wearing your robe at all times.  Your robe is your legacy, and is what will be left behind should you have the misfortune of being run through with a lightsaber, or die in some other tragic way.  You wouldn’t want some ratty old blanket to fall to the ground after you take that final blow, no, you want a robe that screams, “This was a jedi master, and now they are more powerful than you could ever have imagined!”


About the Author: Craig Allaby